Monday, March 27, 2023


Shirley Miller

It is with a sad heart our cousin and friend Ms. Shirley Miller passed away Thursday, February 23, 2023. Shirley was born on December 26, 1942 to Margie Miller of Colusa, Ca. Shirley was born and raised in Colusa County.

After graduating high school at Colusa High, she went on to Yuba College for an AA in business. For 31 years she worked as an administrative secretary for Ivy G Zumwalt and associates. Before that, she worked for IG. Zumwalt Company for 26 years. During this time, Shirley developed many friendships with the ones she worked with and went on many adventures with them. Melody Johnson took her to plays and really made her feel like family.

Outside of work, Shirley loved Disney, working with her flowers, her dog Tippy and her family.

Shirley is at peace with her mom Margie who preceded her in passing.

She will be very missed by many. ■


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