Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lions Club seeks members

The Colusa Lions Club is seeking new people to become members. If you would like to be part of one of Colusa’s great civic groups, the Lions are a good choice. If you’ve seen the big yellow grill around town, be it at schools, parks, or the fairgrounds, you’ve seen the Lions. The Club supports team sports, scholarships, the Easter egg hunt, 3-F bike race, Christmas Tyme in Colusa, the rubber duck races, the fair parade, and all those small town things that make living here fun.

“All of those things don’t happen by magic; people get together and get it done,” said Lions member Mark Rablin.

That said, the Lions could use some help.

“You may think of Lions as an old white male club, but the young female members don’t see it that way (love you gals – you rock),” Rablin said. “So, if more young people join, the Lions will be a younger club.”

Rablin said what the Colusa Lions Club really needs is a secretary to record the meetings and put it on the website along with other pertinent info. Molly Conrado has been doing it for four years and needs a break. This position needs computer skills and about half the Lions Club membership is either not really qualified or already in other positions.

Being active in civic groups looks good on college and job resumes. Many of the executive level positions in Lions International are held by women. You could start here.

So, if you want to join a club that hides Easter eggs, plays with rubber ducks, and cooks lunch for senior citizens, come on by any event or call Jim Pingrey at (530) 682-9755 or Mark Rablin at (530) 520-4187.

“We’ll get you on board,” Rablin said.■

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