Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Colusa Ducks Competed in CYSSA State Tournament

Back row (L-to-R) are Brady Washburn, Cole Callison, Javier Delgado, and Braeden Barmen,.Middle Row; Coach Bruce Hardwick, Max Reading, Ayden Hunt, Jayce Lee, Rowdy Davidson, and coach Jim Manhart. Front; Caleb Manhart and Lexi Callison.

The Colusa Ducks Jr team competed in the CYSSA state tournament on June 4 and June 5, in Livermore Calif. The team saw Ayden Hunt (193/200) in a tie for first in the IA division and winning the shoot-off for first place.

The Rookie division saw Caleb Manhart (176/200) take third place. The IA squad took second place and consisted of Ayden Hunt, Rowdy Davidson, Braeden Barman, Javier Delgado, and Jayce Lee.

The IE squad took third place with Lexi Callison, Cole Callison, Max Reading, Caleb Manhart, and Brady Washburn. The JR team took home third place in the High 5 for the series shoot and third place High 5 for the state shoot. Cole Callison shot his first 25 straight, Jayce Lee shot his first 50 straight, and Ayden Hunt his first 75 straight.

They will compete again in the CYSSA national tournament, July 5-9 in Las Vegas.

“Its a great accomplishment to have all 10 kids leave a state tournament with a trophy,” said Head Coach Bruce Hardwick. ■

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