Saturday, May 28, 2022


Colusa Ducks take podium in Stockton

(F-to-B, L-to-R): Rowdy Davison, Jayce Lee, Max Reading, Chase Carrere, Ayden Hunt, Grayson Hardwick, Caleb Manhart.

On Saturday, May 7, the Colusa Ducks shot in the 5th series shoot in Stockton with a four way tie for first place in the Varsity Division. Colusa’s Chase Carrere (98/100) succeed in securing the first palace title, and Grayson Hardwick taking second place after three rounds of a shoot-off.

For the IA division, Ayden Hunt (95/100) took first place, and the Rookie division saw Caleb Manhart (82/100) in a tie for first place, but lost in the shot-off ending placing him second. His teammate Brady Washburn (73/100) was in a tie for 3rd place, but also lost in the shoot-off taking fourth place.

“It takes great shooting to come away with first and second place with the talent at the varsity level,” said Head Coach Bruce Hardwick.

The Ducks will finish the 6th series shoot in Yolo in two weeks before going onto the CYSSA state tournament. ■

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