Friday, October 7, 2022

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The City of Colusa invites sealed Proposals for the 2022 UV Disinfection project.
The City is requesting a proposal for fabrication and installation of a stainless steel trough for the UV disinfection structure at the City of Colusa Wastewater Treatment Plant. Drawings of the facility and proposed modifications are included in this RFP. The stainless-steel trough must adhere to the following:
Dimensions: Approximately 58 LF (linear feet) x 29î tall x 19.5î U- shaped (no flanges).
Material: 16 gauge, 316L Stainless Steel
Finish: Mill finish (raw)
Provide a single digital PDF copy to and include a carbon copy (cc) to Proposals should include the following submittals at a minimum:
1. A copy of the specification and drawings shall be submitted with each paragraph check- marked in the margin to indicate specification compliance/acknowledgement or marked to indicate requested deviations from specification requirements.
2. Cost quotation for the work described in this RFP including materials, labor, equipment, and compliance with the specification. Working day estimate for the completion of the work. Quotation shall be submitted on a company letterhead signed by an officer at the company.
The deadline for proposals to be considered will be August 29, at 4:00 P.M. PST. Proposals received after this deadline will not be considered. All information submitted with the proposal is public information and may be subject to disclosure.
Written questions and coordination for any visits to the facility can be directed to:
Angelica Ortiz at

08/18/2022 – CCPR #-2022-0798

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