Sunday, November 28, 2021


What’s your plan? Gratitude

Today is the fourth Thursday in November and the time-honored place set aside to celebrate a holiday proclaimed by President George Washington at the request of Congress in 1789.  It has its roots as a harvest festival, gathering family and friends together for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Google research says that the foods and dishes should be indigenous to the Americas and that it is strictly an American holiday.  Another on the same results page celebrated in 17 countries.  If my article had sufficient hits, it would say that everyone with gratitude in their hearts should be eating a Thanksgiving dinner regularly and frequently.

Although I’ll most likely be putting up Christmas lights tomorrow, I would prefer Christmas to be celebrated in December, after Halloween and Thanksgiving.  

I hear that Pierce FFA will start their Christmas Tree sale this Saturday next to the community pool, and so the Arens Home will be with a tree in November.  

My Scrooge persona would have Santa bring the tree with him on Christmas Eve and have it fade with the year on New Year’s Eve.  I think you can figure out how well that goes over.

Maryann Hawk Diaz taught me how to get this Grinch heart of mine into the reason for the season.  She suggests starting on Dec. 1, and reading one chapter of The Book of Luke in the New Testament per day until you are finished on the 24th, just in time for Christmas Day.

 I challenge you to read with us this year.  As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I also invite you to join me and fellow Saints as we participate in the Light the World with Love Campaign.  This is a worldwide effort to touch hearts and change lives through service.  Text Start to 71234 to get daily messages sent to your phone or leave me a message at (530) 383-6240 with your name and number and you have my promise that you will get a call back from our missionaries.

This is the season to start cultivating an attitude of gratitude.  A wonderful Thanksgiving your way.  Godspeed.

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