Sunday, November 28, 2021


What’s your plan? (09/16/2021)

You might have heard it said that if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few hours. Even more interesting is that you might have been in one such place! I have more to scratch off my bucket list in this respect. But in all places, Arbuckle? Maybe not the state of the atmosphere per se, but lots have transpired.

By the time this goes to press and hits the newsstands and your front yards, California will have made history, again. I am working hard to see the glass half full. One day, I will be able to sit in all situations in the spirit of brotherly love and charity. Not today. My jaw drops that this is anything but a recall. Love the mud slinging, and one party can’t even compose itself to unify a challenge. When the dust settles, it will be the same ol’fat cat gorging at the French Laundry.

This will mean that California voters will approve of its representatives being everything less than honorable. Chaos is averted when the Golden Rule is applied. There will always be someone bigger or with a bigger stick, when it’s every person for themselves. Societies have flourished when the whole is nourished, and crumble with the introduction of what’s in it for me. Our form of government can only exist when the majority is exercising righteousness. Good luck to the individual when our mainstream goes dark.

I am back standing on ground that I might declare a tad unfamiliar. I have caught myself living up to the label of non-essential over these past Covid months; probably even more lazy than ever. Likewise, I now have more on my plate and have forgotten how to handle it. I ran up against due dates and missed some deadlines. What are those things? Priorities? There are goals, lists, planners, flops, and growth. Reaching for a larger plate, as now I am way in over my head. But lovin’ it! Gordon B Hinckley (1910-2008) has been quoted as saying that if we complain about life, we are thinking only of ourselves.

The more time I spend working at improving my plan, the more time I get caught up pondering how practical Judeo-Christian doctrines and principles are to me and what an abundant life their application provides. In the Thirty-third chapter of Isaiah (oh yes, Isaiah) verses 15-16, I have discovered a few tidbits of wealth that are providing some personal direction during these interesting times. I will be as bold to declare them as the foundation for religion. I believe them to be exactly the pillars used by Christ to establish his Church and thus point the way to perfection.

In my lifetime, churches in America have not only eroded morally and ethically, but have continually shrunk in attendance. We have taken God out of too many aspects of our lives. Where does a person go to learn a better, holier way; how to learn of God and how to love our neighbors? Interesting that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to buck worldly trends; it grows!

So, the government says it is the answer. Do we as a whole believe it?

Light does shine! I hope you are basking in it. Godspeed my friends!

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