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Gardeners corner: Honor those who loved gardening

There is an old practice of planting a tree as a memento of a lost loved one. But there are many memorial planting ideas, which can combine plants with a bench, marker, or other commemorative item. What works for one person may not work for another, as this is a deeply personal space.

If you have a small space, you might consider doing a container garden. This can be an indoor dish garden or a small tree outdoors with wonderful bulbs surrounding it. 

If you have precious memories of working in the veggie garden with the person, building a victory garden or kitchen garden would be a great way of memorializing. Such memorial planting ideas should reflect the lost person’s particular preferences and personality.

The plants for a memorial garden should ideally mean something. If roses were their passion, choose several favorites. Another idea would be to transplant some plants from their garden.

There are many small but powerful ways to memorialize a garden lover friend.

  • Wind chimes
  • The sound of the wind chimes on a breezy day can be so calming.
  • Tree
  • Friends and family can enjoy seeing the tree grow and remember your loved one.
  • Memorial bench/plaque or stepping stone
  • You can take the time to sit in the garden while remembering your loved one.
  • Plant a perennial shrub/bush or flower

Having a special plant that you planted honoring a loved one will allow you to remember and honor your friend year after year.

Another way to memorialize your loved one is to plant a garden.

A memorial garden lives on. Live plants, by their nature, can provide soothing comfort to you while providing many years of pleasant improvement to your landscape. Let’s look at some memorial garden ideas that you can create in your backyard.

Butterfly Memorial Garden

An exceptional memorial garden is a butterfly garden. This involves plantings of special flowers and shrubs that are known to attract butterflies.

Forget-me-not memorial garden

Plant a small patch of forget-me-not flowers and either add a small bench where you can sit and reminisce or add a memorial plaque.

Meditating garden

Find a quiet place surrounded by beauty and add a small bench with a comfortable seat. A big rose bush or hydrangea plant is the perfect backdrop for this garden design. Great place to reminisce about good times and meditate on life.

Colorful flowers border

Add a colorful flower border leading to your front door. Plant your loved one’s favorite flowers or flowers that remind you of them. To make it more special, add some solar lights.

Wildflower garden

If your loved one loved wildflowers, then this could be a special spot. In California, many of us love California poppies.

How to create a memorial garden

If possible, make it private. Pick a quiet corner or spot to construct your special garden. Add special plants and flowers. Add what is special to you such as a bench, water feature, statue, lights, pathway, engraved rock, sundial, birdbath, hummingbird feeder, wind chimes, or something they loved.

We hope these ideas will help you memorialize your loved one.

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