Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Arbuckle Public Utility District

Notice of Proposal
Rate Increase for Wastewater Service

The Arbuckle Public Utility District is requesting a rate increase for wastewater services starting January 2022.  Residential monthly rate for flat rate customers would increase to $28.00.  Wastewater services for other customers would increase 10% over the present rate.

Why a rate increase is needed: APUD’s collection lines are over 50 years old, along with our wastewater plant.  To qualify for low interest funding and grants, if any are available, we need to charge a 1.2% of the average income of our customers. To qualify for assistance, our rates would need to be $48.00 for wastewater.  We feel a small rate increase every year is the best way to qualify for funding.

Any questions please call the
APUD office at (530)476-2054

12/09, 12/16/2021 – CCPR# 2021-5267

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