Wednesday, September 15, 2021

CIP housing project not compatible with airport 

The Colusa County Airport Land Use Commission and the City of Colusa are at odds over the new residential development at Colusa Industrial Properties, after county officials determined the city has not complied with the projects Environmental Impact Report and is seriously putting the future of the airport at risk. 

The Colusa City Council has set a public hearing for Sept. 7 to decide if they plan to override the Colusa County Airport Land Use Commissions findings that the new residential development at Colusa Industrial Properties is inconsistent with the Airport Land Use compatibility plan. 

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors has asked the City Council to take no such action. 

County officials said the city did implement some of the mitigation measures, such as improving the insulation quality of the homes to help reduce the noise from airplanes, but that the city basically ignored other measures by building more homes than mitigated and building homes where no homes should have been built. 

” Because of what they are doing and the citys lack of following the mitigation measures, I think they are really putting the longevity of the airport in danger as far as being a useful, necessary component of our community,  said Supervisor Denise Carter. 

Community Development Director Greg Plucker said the residential project has been in the works for more than a decade, and when approved prior to annexation of the property into Colusa, the EIR stated a number of significant findings and mitigation measures which were specifically aimed at addressing the ALUCs determination that the residential project at that time was inconsistent with the Airport Land Use Plan. 

The findings that were ultimately adopted required a series of mitigation measures and a number of significant changes to the residential project, which Plucker said were not followed. 

According to Plucker, the City agreed the project should have been reviewed by ALUC and in February referred the project back to the commission. 

Following the review, the commission determined that the housing project is still out of compliance. 

Plucker said the city also did not file with the Colusa County Clerk Recorder, as required by the EIR, the notifications to home buyers that disclosed the appropriate hazards of living in the vicinity of the airport. – 

Susan Meeker
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