Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Colusa Swim team acquires funding for pool cover

The Colusa City Pool will get a much needed cover as the swim season begins to heat up, thanks to a donation from the Dale Townzen Memorial Fund.

The benefits of a cover not only serve the team, but the city and Colusa residents as well, according to a press release issued by the Colusa Cyclones.

Cyclone officials said the city can anticipate a significant savings in water costs, chemicals, and overall maintenance once the pool cover is installed. The pool will also keep a better regulated and warmer temperature, giving both the team and the community an option for an extended swimming season, they said.

The Dale Townzen Memorial Fund, which is part of the Sacramento Regional Community Foundation, honors the legacy of Dale Townzen, an educator, coach, and community volunteer in the Colusa County area for over 30 years.

The funds are generally distributed to charitable organizations in the Colusa area with focuses in education, athletics, wildlife conservation or the arts.

Representatives from the fund said they are continually looking for worthwhile projects and causes to fund within the community, particularly in the areas that Townzen was passionate about.

Representatives from the organization said the pool cover was a ” great fit” because it not only met a specific and practical need within the community, but it also combined several of Dale’s sincerest commitments: athletics, supporting local youth, and the swimming pool, where he spent countless hours teaching community members to swim.

Melissa Ortiz, Colusa Cyclones Swim Team president, said the team was honored to share in this tangible contribution to Dale Townzens legacy.

” In addition to facilitating athletic opportunities and lifelong friendships for kids across our county, the swim team is highly invested in improving the overall pool facilities for the benefit of the community,” Ortiz said in a statement.

The Colusa Cyclones and City of Colusa are also working toward the addition of seating and shade to make the pool more inviting for residents. 

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