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Roland Ellsworth (1924-2020)

One of Colusas most vibrant, enthusiastic souls has made his journey to the heavens.

Born in Petaluma on March 11, 1924, Roland Ellsworth grew up in Cordelia with his brother Bud.  Adventurous young boys, they would go frolicking amidst the family ranch, play in abandon buildings, and going to the local dairy to watch cows being milked by hand.

Never getting an allowance, Roland and his brother would work in fruit orchards and gather eggs to make a few dollars for themselves.

They shared lots of boyish mischievousness with their pals who remained their lifelong friends.

Growing up without television, Roland became a great conversationalist.   

After graduating from Armijo High School in Fairfield, Roland, did military service in Korea.

Returning home, Roland, studied agriculture at UC Davis.  After which, he entered into the fertilizer business in which he worked well into his senior years.  With his vast farming knowledge he gained the respect of the most notable Colusa ranchers.

With his keen, curious mind, Roland had an avid interest in gardening, cars, guns, and collecting many things he thought he might ” need.

A fervent advocate for what he believed was right, Roland, vehemently argued for fairness and justice.

While being married to Alice Jean Maxwell, Janice Polley, and Doris Epler; Roland was closest with his longtime companion Leah Rae Gobel.  With her strength of character and compassionate kindness, Leah Rae brought Roland a sense of calm while broadening his perspectives and softening his heart.

While being a bit cantankerous, Roland possessed a generous goodwill.

Roland is survived by his beloved dog Topper, his son Blane, his nieces Allison Nicholson and Elizabeth Cielo and his nephews Alan and Bobby Ellsworth.

If so moved, any donation to Alcoholics Anonymous or Meals on Wheels would be a wonderful tribute to him.

While his spirit will shine within us, Rolands ashes will be scattered atop his favorite hill at his family ranch.  There a part of him will be sitting on his bench watching the world. – 

08/05/2020 ¢ WPR #2020-0970

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